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Happy National Siblings Day (echo)

National Happy Siblings Day?

Lately I haven’t been making as many #TwitterArt, not quite one-a-day. But I keep an eye out for trending topics that could work for a unicode illustration. “Happy National Siblings Day” seemed good. I did a picture of a sister-and-brother, got enough RT button to make a Top Tweet in a Top Trend—and enough to get a second “echo” TT…

#TwitterArt @tw1tt3rart happy national siblings day unicode art on Twitter

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@tw1tt3rart and The Daily Dot: about the New Twitter

The Daily Dot reporter Fernando Alfonso has written about #TwitterArt a couple times. He inquired about how updates to Twitter’s web site effects #TwitterArt. Here is what I told him:

Daily Dot Christmas Issue Twitterart by @tw1tt3rartFA: How is New Twitter for Twitterart?

ME: Twitter is a moving target. It was not made for unicode art, so we (unicode artists on Twitter) adapt pretty readily… The line width that makes my kind of tweet art work has changed back to what it was in the old Twitter, so some of my recent art doesn’t read right in some situations… I guess about the last four Continue reading

Vinny Guadagnino’s best tweet ever: #twitterart by @tw1tt3rart

On 9/11/11, I clogged up the Twitters bad with my unicode gibberish. People love big numbers & dates, so my 9-11 art got passed around a lot. Most notably, Vinny (from The Jersey Shore) snagged it and tweeted it and got his #1 most fav’d, most retweeted Tweet ever. According to @Favstar, it got 18,000+ retweets. In my experience, @Favstar doesn’t track new users for a couple months, so their count is often low by more than 25%… So this was well over 20,000… maybe 23K RTs for Vinny Guadagnino.


Vinnie from The Jersey Shore 9-11 Twitterart by @tw1tt3rart: best tweet

The "best tweet" Vinny Guadagnino ever did was by copying @tw1tt3rart. He's not the only one.

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setting up this @tw1tt3rart web site

@tw1tt3rart: unicode art in social media

HelloI I’m just getting this site set up…
The design is an homage to #NewNewTwitter.
I built it with WordPress… I love WordPress [more]
My name is Matt Haggett, I make @tw1tt3rart

Twitter Art Face of @tw1tt3rart made in #twitterart

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