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#TwitterArt Election Night 2012 Barnstorm

@tw1tt3rart is collaborating with @NowThisNews to put on a huge #TwitterArt Election Night 2012 Barnstorm on November 6th.

NowThis News will be premiering a suite of election night art created by @tw1tt3rart during the run up, and as the results are announced.

Follow @NowThisNews on Twitter to get the real-time #TwitterArt election coverage.

Inject some bearable fun into US Election Night with an awesome, totally non-partisan suite of Twitter art banners and drawings, including: all 50 states, Presidential candidates, pundit predictions, and key state races – illustrated by number one #TwitterArt guy – @Tw1tt3rart – and Tweeted as real-time election night coverage by the @NowThisNews team.

@tw1tt3rart says: “This is the largest #TwitterArt series I’ve made, and the most coordinated. It’s also some of my Continue reading

Happy National Siblings Day (echo)

National Happy Siblings Day?

Lately I haven’t been making as many #TwitterArt, not quite one-a-day. But I keep an eye out for trending topics that could work for a unicode illustration. “Happy National Siblings Day” seemed good. I did a picture of a sister-and-brother, got enough RT button to make a Top Tweet in a Top Trend—and enough to get a second “echo” TT…

#TwitterArt @tw1tt3rart happy national siblings day unicode art on Twitter

As is often the case, Continue reading