Press, Commission Work, Notable Retweets

At the peak of @tw1tt3rart’s popularity, the press wrote frequent articles about the #twitterart trend and @tw1tt3rart in particular, as the most well known among the artists at the time. A handful of high profile advertising agencies and clients commissioned illustrations. And, of course, many well known Twitter users, including celebrities, brands, and the Twitter-famous, retweeted @tw1tt3rart’s creations.

Press coverage of @tw1tt3rart

Select media:

Ad Week

Business insider (slideshow) (profile)

The Atlantic

Huffington Post 

Observer (Now This News / 2012 election)

Daily Dot (#twitterart)

Daily Dot (Nike Running Japan)

Daily Dot (Now This News / 2012 election)


Focus Magazine

Creativity Magazine (subscription only, image below — Bravo Agency ‘Holitweet’ collaboration)

Notable Commissions

Select work for high profile agencies and brands:

Chevy Volt. (agency: SS+K) My first major commission was for Chevrolet’s 2011 North American car of the Year win (Chevy Volt), posted to their now-defunct @ChevyVolt account.

US Post Office (USPS). @USPS highest-engagement tweet for the year 2020

UN Environmental Program (UNEP)

Nike Running Japan (website). (agency: W+K) My weirdest commission, a diagonally-scrolling interactive website built entirely on unicode illustrations. (no longer published)

Now This News (election 2012 collaboration). I collaborated with Huffington-post offshoot Now This News to create an election night 2012 Twitter Art event following the progress of the presidential contest, with a series of Tweets posted as states- then the national contest- were called.

Press coverage: Observer article, Daily Dot article

Nike Basketball (agency: W+K)

Converse / Andy Warhol Foundation (agency: W+K)

Holitweet. (agency: Bravo Agency, self-promotion). See press feature above.

I am available for commissions and licensing. Contact me to find out more.

Select Retweets

Old-school, RT button, and copy-and-paste… they all count.

There will never be a higher (Twitter) honor than being retweeted by the main Twitter account.

Well, having Twitter co-founder Biz Stone say “Wow” about my project is up there…

Ashton Kutcher, the original Twitter celebrity power-user, retweeted my Two and a Half Men illustration the day of his premier on the show.

Shepard Fairy, one of my favorite artists, retweeted an #Anon illustration

The Pompidou Center, one of my favorite art museums, retweeted a drawing of a space invader

A lot of my art has spread by copy-and-paste, like this 9-11 @tw1tt3rart illustration copy-pasted by Vinny Guadagnino, cast member from The Jersey Shore, which got more retweets than any original post of mine (18K+)

Other highlights include artists & entertainers:

Neil Gaiman (@NeilHimself)

Tom Cruise (@TomCruise)

Wayne Coyne (@WayneCoyne)

Amanda Palmer (@AmandaPalmer)

MC Hammer (@MCHammer)

Brands and things:

HootSuite (@HootSuite)

Anonymous (@YourAnonNews)

Red Bull (@RedBull)


Koolaid (@Koolaid)

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