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PixiDraw – a #TwitterArt editor

I love it! Draw your own Twitter art with this new app:

Pixi – Twitterart editor and generator.

Find them on Twitter at @PixiDraw. And follow them!

PixiDraw is nice and simple to use. It creates solidly-built unicode art that is optimized for Twitter, designed to read on the best range of browsers, platforms, and devices. I appreciate how streamlined Pixi is, using a small set of compatible “safest” characters. The great thing is that user can draw without having to think about row-by-row construction and object properties like I do. One can draw intuitively and edit fairly easily.

It was made by the excellent Twitter artist @TakashiFujita so I’m not surprised that it works so nicely.

The drawing screen of the Pixi #TwitterArt editor

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