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#TwitterArt Election Night 2012 Barnstorm

@tw1tt3rart is collaborating with @NowThisNews to put on a huge #TwitterArt Election Night 2012 Barnstorm on November 6th.

NowThis News will be premiering a suite of election night art created by @tw1tt3rart during the run up, and as the results are announced.

Follow @NowThisNews on Twitter to get the real-time #TwitterArt election coverage.

Inject some bearable fun into US Election Night with an awesome, totally non-partisan suite of Twitter art banners and drawings, including: all 50 states, Presidential candidates, pundit predictions, and key state races – illustrated by number one #TwitterArt guy – @Tw1tt3rart – and Tweeted as real-time election night coverage by the @NowThisNews team.

@tw1tt3rart says: “This is the largest #TwitterArt series I’ve made, and the most coordinated. It’s also some of my Continue reading

@tw1tt3rart and The Daily Dot: about the New Twitter

The Daily Dot reporter Fernando Alfonso has written about #TwitterArt a couple times. He inquired about how updates to Twitter’s web site effects #TwitterArt. Here is what I told him:

Daily Dot Christmas Issue Twitterart by @tw1tt3rartFA: How is New Twitter for Twitterart?

ME: Twitter is a moving target. It was not made for unicode art, so we (unicode artists on Twitter) adapt pretty readily… The line width that makes my kind of tweet art work has changed back to what it was in the old Twitter, so some of my recent art doesn’t read right in some situations… I guess about the last four Continue reading