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“Follow Friday” February First

Holy Smokes! I took the whole month of January off.

Well, I’m back now, and I wanted to let you know that I’m following back again on Twitter. I didn’t follow back for most of 2012, but I like the interaction. I get a lot of RTs and MTs and almost never reply, so following back is something I do to be interactive and say “Hey! Thanks for following @tw1tt3rart!” I’m not on “Team Followback”—I just want to follow everyone back because I like doing that. 

I just followed these 780 followers back.

People dig getting followed by @tw1tt3rart. They tweet about it, so I know the gesture lands as intended (sometimes). I don’t want @tw1tt3rart to be a ‘broadcast only’ account. Twitter is about interaction. So there you go.

I follow back manually, not automatically. I use the awesome Just Unfollow premium service to follow back (and to un-follow non-followers), so I pay a couple bucks a year and spend up to 1/5 of a second following (or unfollowing). And thereby, we interact: you’ve followed @tw1tt3rart. I saw that and clicked the follow button next to your avatar and now we’re Twitter friends. Nice. Not a big deal, but I do appreciate the follow & I’m glad all y’all enjoy the art!

I’ll try not to take any more month-long vacations. Cheers
~@tw1tt3rart AKA @MatthewHaggett

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