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#TwitterArt Election Night 2012 Barnstorm

@tw1tt3rart is collaborating with @NowThisNews to put on a huge #TwitterArt Election Night 2012 Barnstorm on November 6th.

NowThis News will be premiering a suite of election night art created by @tw1tt3rart during the run up, and as the results are announced.

Follow @NowThisNews on Twitter to get the real-time #TwitterArt election coverage.

Inject some bearable fun into US Election Night with an awesome, totally non-partisan suite of Twitter art banners and drawings, including: all 50 states, Presidential candidates, pundit predictions, and key state races – illustrated by number one #TwitterArt guy – @Tw1tt3rart – and Tweeted as real-time election night coverage by the @NowThisNews team.

@tw1tt3rart says: “This is the largest #TwitterArt series I’ve made, and the most coordinated. It’s also some of my best Twitter art to date. Drake Martinet of NowThis News approached me with the idea of staging an election night unicode art blow out… covering the election in real time and using #TwitterArt to announce the results. Loved the idea, my kind of project, did it… It is an epic piece of unicode art. And totally non partisan… celebrating the spectacle of the American Election.”

Get ready to retweet! Cheer for either candidate. Celebrate the states that break your way. Tweet your way to democracy this November 6th, Election Night 2012, with @tw1tt3rart and the NowThis News team.

Follow @NowThisNews for real time election coverage in unicode art, and also because they’re cool (see below). And follow @tw1tt3rart just because. The art starts soon!

Calling Florida for… Who? Follow @NowThisNews for breaking coverage in #TwitterArt by @tw1tt3rart

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Note: unicode art views differently depending on browser, device, operating system, and font. It is a clever way to put illustrations into text-only environments, but does not look the same in all contexts. @tw1tt3rart’s illustrations are optimized for cross-platform readability, but some illustrations may not render correctly depending on where you view them.

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