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PixiDraw – a #TwitterArt editor

I love it! Draw your own Twitter art with this new app:

Pixi – Twitterart editor and generator.

Find them on Twitter at @PixiDraw. And follow them!

PixiDraw is nice and simple to use. It creates solidly-built unicode art that is optimized for Twitter, designed to read on the best range of browsers, platforms, and devices. I appreciate how streamlined Pixi is, using a small set of compatible “safest” characters. The great thing is that user can draw without having to think about row-by-row construction and object properties like I do. One can draw intuitively and edit fairly easily.

It was made by the excellent Twitter artist @TakashiFujita so I’m not surprised that it works so nicely.

The drawing screen of the Pixi #TwitterArt editor

To use Pixi, open up the app [link]. You’ve got a palette and a canvas. Click on the shape you want to use (palette), then click on the square you want it to go in (canvas). Draw with lines (the first half of the palette) and blocks (the second half). Leave blank squares blank (double clicking will clear them) and Pixi will fill them in for you. Pixi uses the same character I do to represent “blank” space (lightest horizontal dotted line). I like that. On the “next” screen, you see your canvas framed before you Tweet.

PixiDraw #TwitterArt editor

See how the art is going to look and add #Hashtags

Pixi makes 16 character wide- 7 line tall “stacked” #TwitterArt. This takes up 119 characters, so you have room to add a hashtag or two before you tweet.

I’ve used the app and I like it. This is the first piece I made with Pixi and it worked great:


Make Twitter Art with Pixi

I think this PixiDraw project is pretty cool, so here’s what I’m going to do: I will check out what people make with Pixi [search] and do some retweeting. I’ll hang a bunch of people’s creations in my Twitter-based gallery, @tw1tt3rGALLERY (in other words: I’ll retweet them with that account and call it an “art show” :)

AND, I’ll retweet a couple / few with @tw1tt3rart (to my 100K+ followers)

It isn’t a contest, just have fun. But still, a few rules:

  • On the art you want considered for retweeting, please use the hashtag #TwitterArt. @Tw1tt3rart uses that tag just about always.
  • Be original! Make your own art, don’t straight-up copy something you’ve seen elsewhere.
  • Today is June 14. I’ll look at art tweeted through Pixi (tagged #twitterart) for one week, until June 21.

I can’t promise I’ll RT you or everything you make, but I’d love to put a lot of pieces in my “Gallery” then, at the end of the week, to RT at least two or three favorites with my main account. I don’t trust Twitter’s search results to be complete, so if you want to be sure I haven’t missed your art, let me know. @tw1tt3rart gets a lot of MTs so please mention it it @tw1tt3rGALLERY. And include a link to the tweet if you would. I’ll try and check the stream daily.

Make some art!


2 Responses to PixiDraw – a #TwitterArt editor

  • Hiqutipie Riordan says:

    I love the app…It’s very cool but I also suggest you make a video tutorial how you create art from scratch. People like #twitterart & line art but its difficult for them to understand how just by looking at examples…

  • @tw1tt3rart says:

    Thanks, Hiqutipie. I’ve had several requests for a video tutorial and some day I will make one.

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