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Happy National Siblings Day (echo)

National Happy Siblings Day?

Lately I haven’t been making as many #TwitterArt, not quite one-a-day. But I keep an eye out for trending topics that could work for a unicode illustration. “Happy National Siblings Day” seemed good. I did a picture of a sister-and-brother, got enough RT button to make a Top Tweet in a Top Trend—and enough to get a second “echo” TT…

#TwitterArt @tw1tt3rart happy national siblings day unicode art on Twitter

As is often the case, some other Twitter user will grab the art and use it to get another Top Tweet. Here, Twitter made eight TT in an hour. Me and my echo are #7 and #8. She got 50+ RT, 5 faves. I got 50+ / 12…

I used to be annoyed by copiers, but it is such an ingrained part of the Twitter dynamic that it doesn’t bother me any more. Almost never. And, like here—I’m psyched when my content takes a double-share of Top Tweets. Nice for her that she got good RTs off my drawing. But good for me that I’m inundating the system with my content. #Winning. #LOL

#TwitterArt @tw1tt3rart happy national siblings day unicode art on TwitterI’m all about systems and feedback and how my strings of unicode propagate. Copies, and copies of copies. All that intellectual business (seriously: I seem to be making Twitter greeting cards out of unicode blocks, but I’m using my MFA in postmodern theory and my background in math to explore art issues with this project). But honestly, it is also gratifying to PWN like that. Go poststructuralism, aaaaand I’m psyched that 150 RT in 2 hrs “could have been better.”

Enough patting myself on the back. Off to work. Please do comment! I’d love to hear back from people who are into the #TwitterArt by @tw1tt3rart


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