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@tw1tt3rart and The Daily Dot: about the New Twitter

The Daily Dot reporter Fernando Alfonso has written about #TwitterArt a couple times. He inquired about how updates to Twitter’s web site effects #TwitterArt. Here is what I told him:

Daily Dot Christmas Issue Twitterart by @tw1tt3rartFA: How is New Twitter for Twitterart?

ME: Twitter is a moving target. It was not made for unicode art, so we (unicode artists on Twitter) adapt pretty readily… The line width that makes my kind of tweet art work has changed back to what it was in the old Twitter, so some of my recent art doesn’t read right in some situations… I guess about the last four months of my tweets look broken on the Twitter web site, on-page, for most users. But they still look right in “status” view, on devices, in apps, on other web sites where they looked right before, and when embedded. So… it is what it is, part of the shifting baseline. The effected art does include some gems, like the 2-1/2 men #TwitterArt that @aplusk Ashton Kutcher retweeted immediately after his debut in that show. But that is the way it goes. Twitter changes.

It seemed like the people who work closest to my style—Karen, Greg, Nao especially—all adapted at once to the new rules with little ado.

There is now unfortunately less overlap between Tweet art that looks good on the web and art that looks good on an iPhone. Aside from that, I like the new new twitter much better than the old new twitter. Overall, it will have a positive impact on my Tweet art. Especially, the embed tweet feature, with which twitter art can be nicely displayed in other web sites. And especially especially with that dreadful sidebar from the Old New Twitter gone… From a “TwitterArt” perspective New New Twitter gets my thumbs up.

MCH 12.26.11

I’ll be looking forward to seeing the piece when it comes out! Check out The Daily Dot, LLC. The Hometown Newspaper of the World Wide Web. Follow @dailydot and their intrepid social media newshound @fernalfonso on Twitter.

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